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Vinicunca, rainbow mountain, how to get there?

Vinicunca or Wininkunka, the multicolored mountain that looks like a fairy tale, leaves breathless to every traveler who ventures to reach it, spread like a canvas of heavenly inspiration, is one of the most desirable tourist attractions in Cusco. Where is the mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca? The famous 7-color

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3 places to live the Mystical Tourism in Cusco

Cusco, home to important tourist attractions, is a destination of great sociocultural diversity in Peru and around the world, whose core is the Inca ancestral culture. From the ancient traditions and customs of the Incas are born the new forms of mystical tourism that are already promoted in Cusco, which

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Outdoor Activities and adventure Tours in Cusco

Adrenaline, daring, endurance, and a bit of savagery … are indispensable requirements to live the true tourist adventure in Cusco, a city unquestionably beautiful and diverse like no other, the ideal city to live the most intense emotions with the most beautiful views and landscapes . The jungle areas of

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Machu Picchu in Wheelchair

To visit the wonder of the world Machu Picchu is to find one of the oldest citadels of the Incan and one of the biggest attractions of Cusco, and this trip becomes a greater challenge when you go in wheelchair. According to PromPerú data, the largest number of tourists with

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Cusco is an accessible tourist destination

Cusco is already an accessible tourist destination, as evidenced by the data of PromPerú, a public institution that since 1998 disseminates and implements tourism inclusion projects for people with disabilities in Peru, promoting good services and use of appropriate technologies to enjoy The disabled tourist of environments and landscapes conditioned

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