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Caral Tour

PROGRAM: CARAL - The America's Oldest City



Departure from Lima at 06:30 am bound for Caral the oldest city in America.

"The Peruvian archaeologist Ruth Shady, who led the research at the archaeological site of Caral, some 200 kilometers north of Lima, said that this citadel" is by far the oldest in America "and breaks the conception had until today the oldest urban centers in the world. According to scientific evidence, Caral has an average age between 2,627 and 2,100 BC "

On the way we will stop on the way to enjoy a delicious breakfast based on the rich greaves or sausage Huachana (free by the passenger)

Continue our journey to get into the vast desert. Arrive at Caral pyramids will visit 06 of over 150 meters of floor, walls up to 20 meters in elevation and large stone platforms, His enigmatic places, urban centers, Altar of the Sacred Fire and Huanca, among other attractions. Later we stop at a tourist restaurant to enjoy the variety of typical local dishes. Then we go to the abode of the god of the Sun God Vichama son who was the brother of Pachacamac, to visit its impressive museum where you can see original pieces found in this area this place arrived pilgrims from many parts of Peru to worship this deity. Julio C. Taylor was quoted as saying on one occasion when the idol of Vichama could be gold or stone and that probably would be hidden. By then, it was not known that under the hills near the town of La Perlita in a valley abundant with trees and beautiful flowers, there was a buried city, composed of 12 mounds, of which some of them, from the first excavations, also defined as pyramids.

Return to Lima at 08:00 p.m.



  • Tourist transport full equipment.
  • Excursion to these circuits.
  • Payment of income to the citadel.
  • Official guide in Spanish and English.
  • Local Guide inside the citadel.
  • Permanent assistance.
  • Brochures and emergency kit