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Rainbow Mountain Vinincunca Tour Full Day

The mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca, Mountain of Colors or Mountain Rainbow is a mountain of Peru with an altitude of 5,200 masl. And is located in Cusco, Peru.

Type of Tour: Adventure (10km hike).

Duration of the Vinicunca Tour: 1 day (Daily Departures)

Difficulty: difficult and tiring

Recommended date of visits:

  • Best time: April to November.
  • Regular time: November, December and January.
  • Difficult Time: February (Rain)


The departure of Cusco is at 3:10 am, with a destination to the south of Cusco (Qollasuyo), an old Quechuas road, an important part of the whole of Tahuantinsuyo, and we arrive at Checacupe and then reach the district of Pitumarca where it tells the story of The first rebels who began defying Pachuteq (the main Inca of that time). Then we will pass through beautiful landscapes and valleys of Pitumarca and arrive at the native village of Japura, Hachipacha with native Quechua inhabitants. Finally we will arrive at the place called Quechuyno road where we will have a rich breakfast at approximately 07:00 am.

After our revitalizing breakfast to get strengthened to Vinicunca we will walk 20 minutes where we will have the opportunity to rent horses of the community inhabitants through amazing landscapes, lagoons where South American camelids live (Alpacas, llamas, vicuñas, puma, Andean birds and condor Etc.) during a walk of 4 Hrs approx. To the place called Vinincunca (Wininkunka Passo 5200msnm) where we will see the impressing view of the Cerro Colorado with the sunrise shows its best imposing valley and colored hills of magical colors that only exists in this place of Peru.

Around we will observe as mountains (Apu sarinini, Ausangate mountain) Ausangate the highest mountain of cusco with a height of 6380 Msnm. In the Inca mythology of this mountain and the nearby lakes - among which Sivinacocha stands out from where the masculine energy that fertilizes the mother earth Pachamama is born; After a long run, the waters are lost in the unknown lands of the Amazon to return with the rains, to fill the lakes and glaciers every night turned into the river of stars or Willkamayu known in the West as the Milky Way that resembles with Our cosmic Andean vision. The community of Chillca constituted by shepherds of flames and alpacas is known as the guardian of these Andean places where every year to the north side of the Ausangate is celebrated from time immemorial the festival of Qoyllur Rit'i where the faith is impressive since they arrive dancers of Different parts of the country (Quechua: "snow star") before the feast of Corpus Christi, during which thousands of Quechua pilgrims to the Lord of Quyllur Rit'i in the temple of Sinakara (painting done on a rock). This pilgrimage was included within the Representative List of Heritage.

After a long photo shoot we will return to Hachipacha place where our delicious lunch awaits us and then return to Cusco arriving at approximately 6:30 pm.

Recommendations for traveling to Vinicunca (Fullday):

  • Rain poncho.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Snacks.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Forras.
  • Chullos.
  • Gloves.
  • Alcohol and pills for headaches.
  • Warm clothes.

The tour to Vinicunca includes:

  • Sprinter transport
  • 1 breakfast
  • 1 lunch
  • English / Spanish route guide
  • Join Qayrawiri

The Vinicunca tour does NOT include:

  • Mineral water.
  • Tips.
  • horses or mules.