Tours to Cusco and all of Peru!



Day 01: Relay authorities in rural communities with the change of position of the Rod, which is the symbol of command, in rural areas of Cusco. Kinkuy, demonstration of skill and competence in agricultural and livestock activities organized by community members in rural areas of Cusco.
Day 06: Last day of exhibition of birth of Jesus in temples and homes of the city of Cusco.
Day 06: Adoracion dramatized the Child Jesus and the Magi, accompanied by dances and skits native. Barrio de San Blas, Cusco. Kings drop in the town of Ollantaytambo (Urubamba). Procession of the Infant Jesus with military uniform accompanied by folk dances.
Day 20: San Sebastian, patron of the district that bears his name. Novenas and Masses in Quechua, accompanied by typical procession troupes. (San Sebastian – Cusco)
Day 27: Next Sunday, Pera Chapchy, festival of folk dances. (San Sebastian – Cusco)

Day 02: Day of the Virgin Purificacion in the Church of San Pedro in Cusco and in the district of Saylla – Cusco. Day of the Virgin of Candelaria in Caninkunka – Cusco
January 28 to February 9 (variable): Festival of carnivals in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Day 19: Day of San Jose in the parish of San Cristobal with fireworks burning.
20 to 27 Easter: Sunday Ramos.- Procession of the Lord through the streets of San Sebastian on a donkey, accompanied by folkloric troupes. (San Sebastian Cusco)
Santo.- Monday Procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes, Patron jury of the City of Cusco.
Thursday SANTOS.- Exhibition of the Eucharist
Santo.- Friday Procession of the Lord of the Holy Sepulcher.
Day 23 and 24: Anniversary of the Spanish foundation of the city of Cusco

Day 02: “Cross Velacuy” or velacion de la Cruz, takes place in Cusco and provinces. to have the crosses in churches, private homes, bridges and roads communal worship is surrender. La Cruz is dressed in colorful robes, with gold lace that are donated by devotees. The cross is a pledge of buildings, guard houses and homes in the countryside and in the cities.
Day 15: Religious feast of patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador, takes place in the provinces of Cusco
Day 24: Lord of QoylluritiSantuario the Lord of Qoylluriti in the town of Ocongate to 5 hours from Cusco and at an altitude of 5,000 meters. Place that highlights the religious syncretism of the Andes. Among indigenous communities who attend is that of K’eros which is the most conservative, accompanying troupes and folk dances, a very peculiar habit is the game of the Alacitas.
Day 26: Corpus Cristi CristiCorpus, festival that takes place in the city of Cusco, its history goes back to times of the Incas who performed panakas parade carrying the mummies of the Incas dresses of the most colorful costumes. In its central day Thursday, the procession of images brought from the main parishes is done. Exhibition and sale outdoor traditional and typical dish of “Chiri Uchu”

Day 24: Inti RaymiINTY Inkario RAYMI.- The most important ritual of veneration to the sun “Inti”. It starts at the Qoricancha chaired by Inka and his imperial retinue, then moved to the Plaza Mayor to perform act of evocation the Sun God, continue to the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman, a place where the main ceremony is held, sacrificing a flame to foster a fruitful agricultural year, festival of folk dances and general holiday. In San Jeronimo, Maras and Yucay San Juan festival to propitiate the reproduction of livestock, occasion in which cattle brand. (Cusco).
Day 29: Ollantay In Ollantaytambo Qhapaq Raymi festival, remembrance of the drama “Ollantay”.

Day 16: Virgen del CarmenFestividad of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo; “Folklorica Province”, 110 km of Cusco.
AUGUST (Month practices esoteric rituals)

Day 15: Feast of Our Lady of Asuncion or Asunta held in several provinces near Cusco
Day 28: Last Sunday of the month – Party Inka “Warachicuy” in homage to adolescence. Young in open competition show their agility, skill and strength to acquire citizenship.

Day 08: Feast of Our Lady of the Nativity with folkloric dances held in the Church of Almudena (Cusco)
Day 14: Feast of the Sanctuary of Mr. de Huanca, agricultural fair in the district of San Salvador a1 hour from Cusco.
Day 30: Day of San Jeronimo, religious and folkloric festival in the district of the same name (Cusco).

Day 04: Religious celebration of San Francisco in the towns of Tinta, Urcos and Maras in Cusco.
Day 07: Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in the towns of Combapata, Urcos and Checacupe.

Day 01: All SANTOS.- Day of the Dead, visit the relatives in the cemetery
Day 02: All SANTOS.- day of living persons, the signature dish of the day is the Lechon.Durante the month, groups of friends in private homes organize christenings traditional bread dolls (t’anta wawa) with comic characters

Day 24: Great craft fair “Santu rantikuy” in the city of Cusco, purchase and sale of Christmas Santos and crafts allusive to these traditional festivals
Day 25: Cusco Christmas, display of Nativity scenes in churches and private homes.