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Lares Trek to Machu Picchu 4D/3N

It has local and regional interest because the therapeutic properties of its waters are considered for rheumatic and arthritic ailments.

The physical features of the water are: colorless, pleasant metallic flavor, limpid aspect, there is not presence of gases, neither there is the presence of seaweeds; the water temperature is 40 degrees Centigrade.

The chemical characteristics of water classified as : sodita, magnesic, bicarbonate, sulphated. Its infrastructure is modern. On the route are observed as touristic resources , colonial resources fractionated by water falls and ancient hydroelectric plant generated by a Pelton wheel, Inka resting places or barns, little villages and peasant communities, natural landscape environment of a little valley. You may visit every month of the year.

Peculiarity: in Calca there are three thermo mining medicinal water fountains: in Minasmoqo town, 7 Kms from the capital of the Province of Machacancha and at 55 kms. from Calca, the Thermal Baths of Lares.


Day 01: Cusco ­ Lares ­ Wacahuasi

Hot SpringsWe leave Cusco early enough with Northern direction crossing espectacular brooks and opening ways toward the Lares community that belongs to the Province of Calca situated on the Eastern flank of the Andes. We take advantage to enjoy the thermal waters of the place and to taste our snack. In the afternoon we will go uphill to get to the Trapiche River Valley and to camp in the Andean town of Wacahuasi located at 3600 masl, which is a typical Andean community sited deep in the marvelous valley of Lares. The dwellings of the place were built using ancient Inka techniques that still can be observed now in remote Cusco communities.

Day 02: Wacahuasi ­ Patacancha

PatacanchaAfter the comfortable breakfast we will reinitiate our ascent crossing over beautiful fields adorned by Andean flowers where we will see alpacas and llamas which in their natural habitat grass quietly. The path reaches the 4500 masl on the point denominated Pass of Ipsayccasa, which offer us spectacular views of the Veronica glacier at 5750 masl and surrounding glaciers. Then we will descend to Ipsaycocha or Ipsay lagoon, where we could see Andean geese, the Ibis of the puna and other birds of the area, as well as we enter the heart of the “quechuas” world where we will locate the “·huayruros” that are seeds from the Peruvian jungle with red and black colors very shining which are precisely the distinctive colors of the “quechua” garments of the villagers of the area. We arrive in the community of Patacancha, well known for their fine Andean weavings, a place that will serve as a camp very near the community with a magical environment.

Day 03: Patacancha ­ Ollantaytambo ­ Aguas Calientes

After having breakfast we will reinitiate our hike towards Ollantaytambo, the attraction of this brief section is Pumamarca, archaeological Inka site that is found well preserved that in the past had to fulfill the function of control fortress that may protect the access to the Valley of Lares as well as zones of jungles eyebrow. Later on we will descend going through colorful Inka terraces that at present time partially restored serve to the population agriculture. Already in Ollaytantambo, after lunch we will visit the fortress of the place, as well as the picturesque town that on a joint way is known as the second site in transcendence with its stoned streets and houses built over Inka walls sustain what was said about it. By night we will take a train that will take us toward Aguas Calientes.

Day 04: Aguas Calientes ­ Machu Picchu ­ Cusco

At about 5:20 a.m. we will ascend until the access to the historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu which we will explore with our guide on an average time of two hours to two hours and a half, whom will lead us throughout the Inka citadel, visiting the main square, the temple of the Condor, the Intihuatana, the room of the mortars, the temple of the Three Windows and other centers of importance. After that we will have enough free time for other activities suggested such as larger journey to recognize the points of our interest in Machu Picchu, to climb up the Waynapicchu or to get down to the Aguas Calientes village for relaxation or enjoyment of the thermal baths of the place. Later on we will take our return train to the City of Cusco.

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  • Transportation Cusco Lares.
  • Professional guide.
  • Cook.
  • Carrier to load horses for camping equipment and food.
  • Meals: 03 breakfasts, 03 lunches, 03 dinners.
  • Camping and kitchen equipment.
  • A hotel night at Aguas Calientes.
  • Train tickets: Ollantaytambo ­ Aguas Calientes ­ Cusco.
  • Bus tickets ­Aguas Calientes ­ Machupicchu ­ Aguas Calientes

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