Tours to Cusco and all of Peru!

Travel Tips


We are pleased to be your host during your stay ¡n our country. We assure you that we will do our best effort to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Please read carefully the following helpful tips:


It is advisable to leave your original personal documents (pássport & identification card) at the hotel and walk with a copy of them. Nevertheless you should carry them when taking the domestic flights. Also, keep the International Embarkation /Disembarkation card given to you at the airplane or at the Immigration Department On your arrival day, since it will be requested once you leave the country. If you lose it you will have to pay a fine.


We advise you to exchange your money at the Hotel Bank or at Authorized Money Exchanges Houses. Please avoid to making transactions on the street. The exchange rate is variable; ask for the rate before changing your money. In the streets of the main cities there are ATM´s installed. As in any other metropolis in the world, is recommended to walk the streets prudently and take normal precautions against pickpockets. You should not carry valuable jewels with you or fancy watches. Always keep the handbags, photograph and video camera close to you. If you request a stranger to take you a picture for you, it is at your ownrisk.


Electric power throughout our country is 220 volts. Most luxury hotels offer 11 Ov current in their rooms.


The average temperature in the Coast is 12° C (54°F) to 29° C (84°F) Winter starts in mid June and last until mid September, during this season a light drizzle and high humid is common at nights. In the highland the average temperature is -3°C (27°F) to 24° C (75°F). We find here to types of weather during the year, the dry season from April to November and the wet season form mid December until March. In the Jungle the average temperature is 35° C (95°F), you can find tropical rains during the whole year.


Depends of the city you travel, In general, informal or sport wear is welcome. In case of going to a fancy restaurant in Lima, a jacket might be the best option.


Most of the hotels offer you reliable taxi services, just request for them at the front desk. Taxis do not have taximeter, you should negotiate for the rate before take the ride.

Also, you may find regular taxis everywhere, but we suggest you to take the Yellow Caos, because they had been register by the local government
(Check for  the registration numbe  on their Windshield)


A 10% to 15% tip on the bilis is customary, but an extra tip to the waiters or waitresses will depend on the degree of satisfaction you receive with the service provided.


Stores in Lima and mostly in Perú open at varied hours. Department stores open from 11a.m. until 9:00 p.m., smaller stores or boutiques generally ciose at noontime. The Indian Market in Lima is open from 10 a.m. Until 8 p.m. Most shops close on Sundays, but some specially the ones that sell handicrafts will be open on Sandays. Avoid buying from peddlers for your own convenience. It is acceptable to bargain.


Dial 108 for assistance of an intemational operator or place your call through your hotel’s front desk. Also, international and long distance national calls can be made from public pay phones. Just follow the instructions shown in the telephone booths. The public phones take coins as well as telephone cards. No collect calls can be made from pay phones Public Internet Cabins are easy to find around the Cities; the average cost per hour is US$ 1.00.


They should be paid before take the flight at the airport and may vary among the cities, In Lima, the taxes for an international flights US$ 31.00 and for domestic flights US$ 5.84


Only drink bottled water be careful with raw vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating from street vendors. Rest on the first day of your arrival to the Highlands, and consume light meals to prevent altitude de sickness (soroche). Drinking “coca tea” is recommended. If you travel to the Highlands or to the Jungle, make sure to carry insect repellent and a rain coat.