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Outdoor Activities and adventure Tours in Cusco

Adrenaline, daring, endurance, and a bit of savagery … are indispensable requirements to live the true tourist adventure in Cusco, a city unquestionably beautiful and diverse like no other, the ideal city to live the most intense emotions with the most beautiful views and landscapes .

The jungle areas of Cusco, its mountains and rivers make Cusco an unrivaled adventure tourist attraction where you can enjoy more than adventure sports: rafting, quad biking, trekking, mountain climbing and canopy; All of them are loaded with an endless amount of emotions and feelings that leave more than satisfied to adventure lovers in Cusco.

  1. Aquatic adrenaline: Canoeing or Rafting in Cusco

    Rafting is one of the favorite sports in adventure tourism in Cusco, where adrenaline in the middle of the water is lived to the maximum. As is well known, the geographical design of Cuzco is quite uneven, so the downhill parts stand out more, giving this sport a more exciting trip on board rafts or canoes.

    The turbulent waters invite the tourist to live a real adventure in the middle of the mountain landscape and part of the jungle eyebrow in Cusco. The minicataratas of the Urubamba River located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  2. Osadía in the air cusqueños: The Canopy

    Better known as Zip Line, the canopy is another favorite activity of tourists eager to live the true adventure tourism in the heights of Cusco. Those who love the altitude and the adrenaline that is felt to slide at great speed by a rope from one mountain to another, will choose this as their first choice.

    The Sacred Valley of the Incas once again stands as a favorite place for this kind of tourism, the geographical features of Raqchi and Chinchero, along with the snowy Chicón and Pitusiray give a rich, beautiful and ideal landscape to practice adventure tourism and experiential In and from Cusco.
  3. Tension and speed aboard ATV’s in Cusco

    If you want to experience four-wheel speed along the best circuits in the best landscapes of Cusco, this activity will be your best option. In Cusco there are several places in open and closed field where this type of adventure tourism is practiced in vehicles easy to handle.
  4. Endurance in the Inca Trail: Trekking and Mountaineering

    The trekking is definitely a tourist activity in great demand in the city of Cusco, is due to the routes that run along the entire Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which is also the most famous trail in terms of tourism Adventure and experiential.

    This activity requires of the people great boldness and physical and mental resistance, since to cross on foot the varied landscapes and varied climates of Cusco is not an easy thing. If you are a stiff person, this sport fits with you.

    Climbing Mountains is another adventure activity in Cusco, where tourists can choose where and how to climb. This activity, besides presenting itself as a challenge for the person, offers you the possibility of interacting with the natural environment, getting away from the noise of the city and relaxing to the maximum. The recommended places in Cusco to experience this sport are the Mountains of the Cordilleras of Vilcabamba, Vicanota and Urubamba.

    You know … The most intense sensations in Cusco are lived through adventure tourism!