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3 places to live the Mystical Tourism in Cusco

Cusco, home to important tourist attractions, is a destination of great sociocultural diversity in Peru and around the world, whose core is the Inca ancestral culture. From the ancient traditions and customs of the Incas are born the new forms of mystical tourism that are already promoted in Cusco, which is conjugated at the same time with the tourist experience and adventure; In these practices are often live stories, intense adventures and exotic experiences.

In recent years mystical tourism in Cusco has attracted many tourists who come to Peru with the eagerness to live the mystical part of their adventure in a place full of history and culture in which spiritualistic rites or “receiving energy” from emblematic places And historical, make them feel more “spiritual.” Whatever you prefer to call it, mystic tourism has become fashionable in Cusco.


Cusco is positioned among the most desired tourist destinations in America and the world; Nevertheless, its high cultural wealth has become not only an attribute for which there is a large influx of domestic and foreign tourists; Today this great culture is the hitch of mostly foreign tourists, interested in living experiences beyond or natural.

The 3 places to live the mystical tourism in Cusco are:

  1. Mystical Tour to Quillarumiyoc: In the time of the Incas, Quillarumiyoc, located in Pampa de Anta, was a religious center used to perform ceremonies to its pagan gods, at the moment still conserves indications of huacas of this ancestral time. To arrive at this mystical place, one leaves from Cusco to Lima, crossing towns like Izcuchaca and Ancahuasi.

    Quillarumiyoc, as its name describes it, has an archaeological site used as an astronomical observatory, where rituals dedicated to the land or pachamama are held today, as locals and witches call it. Quillarumiyoc, with this observatory, platforms and water fountains is considered by many to be one of the mystical tourist destinations in Cusco.
  2. Mystical Tour to Huasao 1D: In the town of Huasao, which is located about 30 minutes from Cusco, tourists usually perform spiritualistic or mystical rituals such as blooming sessions, armed with offerings and even readings through the coca leaf, plant Ancestor of the Incas.

    In spite of the passage of the years, these customs are realized today with the intention of attracting more tourists lovers of this type of tourism that, according to them, provides another class experience. It is worth clarifying that for this kind of tourism the services of “shamans” or Andean witches usually belonging to the same town of Huasao are contracted.
  3. Sacsayhuamán Tour 1D: It is unnecessary to emphasize the history of Sacsayhuamán, its importance in the time of the Incas and even today as a tourist attraction, it is still the reason why it is positioned as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Historic Center of Cusco.

    However, it is also associated with various rituals and customs made in the incanate and part of the colony. Archaeological centers like Qenqo and Tambomachay are constantly used to perform one of the rituals dedicated to earth and stars, as well as a source of mystical energy according to the belief of others.