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Machu Picchu in Wheelchair

To visit the wonder of the world Machu Picchu is to find one of the oldest citadels of the Incan and one of the biggest attractions of Cusco, and this trip becomes a greater challenge when you go in wheelchair.

According to PromPerú data, the largest number of tourists with disabilities come from Canada, the United States and Western Europe, where some 61 million disabled people live, with 54 million Americans and more than 250 thousand potential travelers. What do these and other disabled tourists expect and want to visit the best landscapes and tourist attractions of Cusco and Machu Picchu?

In Peru, accessible tourism for people with disabilities in the four areas of deafness, blindness, motor and intellectual for 18 years is promoted by PromPerú and in coordination with public and private entities such as Conadis (National Advisory Commission for the Integration of People with Disabilities), Confieb (National Confederation of Private Enterprise Institutions), Keroul, and Sath (Society for the Development of Tourism for the Disabled).

This is why Machu Picchu, in the archaeological center, restaurants, hotels, Machu Picchu Pueblo and other places, have the adapted infrastructure as well as the services of attention especially stop the different tourist destinations of Peru among which Cusco, Arequipa , Lima and Machu Picchu.

Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu Pueblo

One of the places whose infrastructure is well adapted to the needs of the tourist in wheelchairs and other disabilities is Machu Picchu. Especially between May and November, there is a greater number of tourists with disabilities, who also choose to visit the handicraft market with an exhibition of handmade products at a height accessible to people who are in a wheelchair.

Accessible holidays in Machu Picchu

In the month of December, Machu Picchu already has accessible houses for the disabled tourist with the desire to spend their holidays in this beautiful tourist destination. The favorite options are:

  • Pacobamba: With environments adapted to the tourist in wheelchair and an amazing view.
  • Casitas in Cusco: With spacious and comfortable environments for your travel.
  • Casa Urubamba: Rustic local house with special attention to detail to give you a comfortable and complete stay.
  • Sol de Yanahuara Hostal: With gardens and relaxation spaces, it is located in Urubamba and has a warm climate, as well as its proximity to markets, restaurants and museums in Cusco.
  • Inkasaire Journeys: Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with accessibility to experiential tourism.


If what you like is to practice some kind of sport in a wheelchair like basketball, you should know that in Cusco there are no limitations, at national level The National Paralympic Association of Peru promotes with the Peruvian Institute of Sport international events of competitions for people With disabilities.

Therefore, to participate and fraternize with Peruvians is easy and dynamic with the facilities that Peruvian and foreign entities put at your disposal.