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Vinicunca, rainbow mountain, how to get there?

Vinicunca or Wininkunka, the multicolored mountain that looks like a fairy tale, leaves breathless to every traveler who ventures to reach it, spread like a canvas of heavenly inspiration, is one of the most desirable tourist attractions in Cusco.

Where is the mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca?

The famous 7-color Mountain, or Cerro Colorado of Cusco, is located near the snow-covered Ausangate, the fifth highest mountain in the world. The walking tour begins in the community of Pitumarca and takes approximately 2 hours to reach it (16 km), a challenge for those who enjoy trekking and adrenaline.

The bus route is also very relaxing if done by day. The landscape views are the particular characteristics of mountain geology. Definitely, the collection of seven colors resembles the rainbow and is comparable to the 7-color flag of Cusco.

Riding on horseback to the mountain

After traveling for more than 3 hours, some travelers choose to ride the horseback trail. This option, although not so risky, is very relaxing, because it allows to appreciate the landscape in a more comfortable way. The economic investment for this option is 70 soles.

Appreciated and promoted as one of the main attractions of Cusco

Vinicunca is among the “100 places that must visit before dying” according to the National Geographic and is also one of the places most promoted by Dircetur as tourist attraction in Cusco. It could already be considered as the second destination in the chek list of all tourist, being only behind Machu Picchu.

The origin of the seven colors

Many visitors might agree that it is the same sky painted from the colors of the rainbow reflected on this hill. But the truth is that the mixture of minerals in this portion of land, and the diversity of chemical compounds are the reason for this fantastic view.

Let’s start the journey!

Once in Pitumarca, we are ready to begin the adventure towards Vinicunca.

Although, this road gives the opportunity to do adventure tourism, it also offers landscapes and customs that many people use as an experiential activity.

To experience tourism to Vinicunca there are as many landscapes as customs: cultural manifestations in the town of Tinki, Pacchanta or the town of Campa, landscapes and rivers in Soracuchupampa and the Abra Palomani; And glaciers and lakes in the Ausangatecocha Lake and the Arapa Pass.

Gradually you ascend until reaching more than 6000 meters of height, after crossing an endless number of lagoons, rivers, hills, openings and glaciers. Fate is already in the sky. Extremely indescribable crossing. An experience like no other!

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If walking to Vinicunca requires a lot of guts surpassed only by the adventurous yearning, to reach it and tread the dream land is a sign of great resistance, to overcome the pressure of the air and the intense cold. A worthwhile event!