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10 Tips for tourists with disabilities in Cusco

If you use wheelchairs and want your trip to the great citadel of the Incas Machu Picchu is unforgettable, pay attention to these recommendations and thus you will have a more pleasant trip:

  1. The best season to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu: Cusco and Machu Picchu are tourist destinations that receive average tourists throughout the year, however; Are the months of September to the greater where you can travel and travel the citadel of the Incas with greater freedom and also with economic rates, as these lower by the smallest influx of tourists.
  2. If you use cane: It is imperative that tourists with disabilities who use walking sticks, present their medical certificate to carry the canes with freedom since these tools are prohibited for average people for the purpose of preserving this World Heritage Site.
  3. Wheelchair: If you plan to visit Machu Picchu in a wheelchair, this vehicle’s access is allowed to any point of the Sanctuary (especially during low seasons), however it is important to inform your entry, this will allow you to move freely and in addition Be accompanied by qualified personnel who assist you throughout the tour.
  4. Hotels conditioned: Machu Picchu, as one of the main tourist attractions of Peru has suitable places that allow the tourist in wheelchair to rest and move safely through appropriate infrastructure. Here are some of the options you can choose from:
    1. Casa Andina Classic Machu Picchu
    2. Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel
    3. Home Like Home Machu Picchu
    4. Inti Inn
    5. Hatun Inti Hotel
    6. Hostal Pakarina
    7. Tambo Woodpecker
    8. Hotel Pakaritampu
    9. Vacation Specials
    10. Casa de Mama Valle
  5. About the luggage: To climb the ruins of Machu Picchu, it is ideal to carry light luggage with accessories and food to an indispensable extent, so your steep journey will be less tiring.
  6. Plan your trip in advance: Look for the best rates, the best weather, the best season, consult and inquire about travel agencies for people with disabilities who are dedicated to provide the services you expect and book a hotel conditioned to your needs in advance. This will make your trip a safe and comfortable adventure. A well planned trip is always better.
  7. Always opt for a guided tour: Observing Machu Picchu is already an amazing experience, imagine the experience accompanied by history and timely information of what you see, step or touch.
  8. Rely on the experience of travelers with disabilities: Cusco and Machu Picchu are tourist destinations constantly visited by thousands of tourists with disabilities, people who have had an experience in these places will be a useful source for your travel.
  9. Explore other options in your free time: In addition to visiting the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, you can try pleasant alternatives during your free time in Cusco, such as site museums, tourist fairs, craft markets and even adventure tourism. In Cusco there are many alternatives of accessible adventure tourism for people with disabilities.
  10. Train or helicopter: Regarding transportation to Machu Picchu Pueblo or Aguas Calientes, there are two alternatives with certain advantages.
    1. Train travel: It will allow you to observe the landscape along the Sacred Valley and is economical, however; The train does not have ss.hh equipped for people with disabilities (eye: they are few hours of travel).
    2. Travel by helicopter: It is fast and comfortable, the price is less economical compared to the train trip.