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Sale of producers in Cusco by Tourism grew 143%

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism: Magali Silva, said that sales of producers in Cusco for tourism grew 143% in 2014 after surpassing 400,000 soles which benefited 225 families.

Likewise, the owner pointed out that its portfolio allowed agricultural, agroindustrial, fish and artisan producers, among others, to make sales of 452,000 soles in 2014, a figure that represents a 143% increase over last year.

Mincetur gave a recognition to the tourist suppliers for making continuous purchases to the producers of the region.

These are 33 providers of tourism services from the Cusco region who participated actively in the initiative “To the tourist, our thing”, making continuous purchases to the producers of this region.

The initiative of Mincetur was supported by the Clinton Foundation, whose representatives provided training in a first stage.

In this second stage, we are going to develop activities that encourage the consumption of the products of these new beneficiaries, increasing the supply and giving the opportunity to a greater number of people in the department of Cusco, “said the minister.